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Even though COVID-19 has created a new normal, Forks Frame Up will continue to help you with your projects in any way we can .   If face to face interactions become inappropriate,  we can still connect through social media, email and phone.  If you are a new customer and you begin a project with us in April to be completed when we have access to framing material, you receive a 20% discount on a complete framing package.  Not valid with other discounts/offers.


  •  So the age old question has always been, do you frame for the artwork or for the space in which it will be displayed.   As custom framers, we  encourage framing to enhance the artwork.   Since artwork is often moved from place to place in a home, proper framing  will maintain the piece's design regardless of where it's displayed.  The surrounding space can also have an impact on the "WOW" factor of your artwork.  So it's important to incorporate that aspect as well.
  •  Pantone's color of the year is classic blue.  Blue has always been the color of calm and stress reduction.  Neutrals are also big in 2020.  Not  the ivory and tan neutrals but pale shades of grays and pinks.  Combine  those beautiful colors and imagine the possibilities! "Color.  What a deep and mysterious language, the language of  dreams."  Paul Gauguin     


Why custom frame?  Isn't it too expensive?

  • We help you create a one-of-a-kind, personalized piece of artwork using design materials that make your project look it's very best.
  • We guide you through the design process explaining the differences between materials and the benefits of various mounting methods for your particular project..
  • We talk with you about the importance of protecting and preserving your project. 
  • You have endless choices in mats and frames and we have endless patience.
  • Discussing materials, mounting and preservation isn't about a higher-priced sale but about finding the right options for your project.
  • Although we know about the display and care of your work, the final decisions are yours.